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October 2020

October 2020

It's been a crazy year here as it has been for the whole rest of the world.  I had planned to work on this shop later in 2019 after we took the motor home down to Florida for the winter, but I was so busy with the Etsy shop and we were lucky enough to go on a few cruises, that it just never happened!  Then, in March, we decided to head back to Maine from Tampa early and hunker down as the COVID numbers in Florida were increasing by a LOT daily.

I had made plans with a good friend that previous November to buy her lot of Corning Ware.  She was getting tired of lugging it to the flea market all the time and she knew that I resell, so she gave me a great deal!  The problem was that I didn't know how much I was buying!  I knew it was good stuff, clean and ready for sale, but even she couldn't tell me because it was all in totes stored in the garage.

I received a tote here and there in January and February was we visited the flea market, but we finally to possession of ALL of it in early March.  I spend the next week washing the dust off and cataloguing and packing.  In the end, there were 15 17-gallon black totes full of Corning Ware!  When we decided to leave early, we packed 7 totes in our little tow car, 4 totes in the under carriage storage of the motor home, and the remaining 4 totes, full of well-padded glass covers, on the bed inside the motor home.

We fled north on the 95 along with hundreds of cars with Quebec and Nova Scotia plates.  We got home in the Bangor, Maine area in about a week.  Everything was shut down and the weather was cold and snowy.  But I had all that Corning Ware! I listed and listed and had my best two months EVER in April and May!  I sold nearly all of the 330 pieces I bought from my friend and made a nice profit!

It's now October and my sales have slowed.  I am able to get to the thrift shops and I am getting a lot of inventory (see photo!).  It's very exciting!  But the new policies at Etsy have made me reconsider (for the 4th time!) my presence there.  I have enough time to really make a go of it with my own site using Shopify. 

So, stay tuned as I continue to work on this and make this bigger and better!  I'll be starting with just Pyrex, Corelle, Corning Ware, and Vision Ware, and once I actually know what I'm doing, I'll be adding the Fire King and drink ware and other such items. 


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